Cape Town

Getting to know some Cape Town neighbourhoods.

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Cape Town is one of, if not the most beautiful cities in the world, (our biased opinion) .But what makes Cape Town different from every other beautiful city in the world. We have Table Mountain, yes and stretches of white coastline but there is a whole other side to the mother city that often gets overlooked in your travel magazines. We’re talking about the neighbourhoods.

Instagram : @atishjogi
Instagram : @atishjogi

Take a stroll through Woodstock, on a Saturday afternoon and take in the energetic vibe and all the streets have to offer, stop over and have a look at the arts and crafts ‘hut’ don’t be put off by its appearance, inside you will probably find the best-hidden gems. Woodstock reminds me of that great grandmother you see now and then at family functions, she might be old but she has a certain charm and has a way of putting a smile on your face, just like the charming coloured houses along the streets, and the street music that fills the air as you stroll down the road.

Image by: Kelly Heroldt
Image by: Kelly Heroldt

Of course, the Old Biscuit Mill is a must see when you visit Woodstock, it is almost a requirement that when one visits Woodstock, one must step in the Biscuit Mill and sip on a rose water ice tea or some form of craft beer, or else technically your visit did not count.

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Instagram: @Loren07

Bo-Kaap is often featured as a highlight in Cape Town, and with good reason. With houses painted in rainbow pastels. Bo-Kaap is a fan favourite neighbourhood in Cape Town. With its cobblestone streets and historic mosque, it is a great pace to spend an afternoon, not to mention it is a great place to get in touch with your inner travel hipster and get those Instagram photos. #nofilterneeded

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Instagram: @kayla_ditzler


Written by Kelly Heroldt

Cape Town for Kids

One of the world’s best-loved cities, Cape Town is our one-stop destination recommendation for a Christmas holiday with the kids.  Family holidays in Cape Town are a breeze, with an endless range of things to do and see for every member of the crew.


Now that you’ve booked your accommodation in Cape Town, it’s time to start planning the fun – here is our shortlist of the best Cape Town kid’s activities to be had this summer:

  • Between 17 and 20 December, the annual Cape Town Carols by Candlelight concert will be held at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens, where children can join in classical renditions of Christmas carols, and mom and dad can sing along too.
  • Winnie the Pooh will be wowing the crowds from 10 to 23 December at the Artscape Theatre in town, and Scooby Doo is ‘doo-ing’ Grand West from 11-13 December.Image Credit - capetownetc
  • Children can burn off some of that endless energy in the early evening Big Bay park run which takes places every Saturday at 08h00 at at Eden on Bay, Big Bay. Excitingly, the event is free for all! However, make sure to register before you run.
  • Check out the Circus Family Christmas show at the SA National Circus grounds from 18 to 20 December. Located at The San Circus Observatory, the tickets are as follows: R110 (Adults) and R70 (Kids).
  • Ratanga Junction, Century City, is the scene of Cape Town family fun in the extreme from 27 November this year, all the way through to 12 January 2016, while Bugz Play Park offers a tamer ride for children of all ages. The Full Adventurer Ticket (Over 1.3m) is currently priced at R181, while the Mini Adventurer Ticket (Below 1.3m) is priced at R95.Image Credit - Ratanga Junction
  • Every child loves a trampoline – Bounce World in Montague offers energetic amusement every weekend of the holidays. Entry is priced at R60, and allows you all-day access. Alternatively, bounce it off daily at Rush in Claremont for those in the Southern Suburbs. Prices range from R75 to R240, depending on time spent, and age.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to family entertainment in Cape Town; with beaches aplenty and restaurants for all ages, Cape Town offers it all in the name of family fun these holidays.