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Seba Camp

Botswana, Okavango Delta,
Safari Lodge Accommodation in Okavango Delta
Price Per Person Per Night from $600 to $900
* Prices subject to change without prior notice.

Seba Camp Description
Seba Camp, set in an ancient riverine forest in the heart of Botswana's magical Okavango Delta, offers secluded, luxurious accommodation overlooking a lagoon and seasonal floodplain teeming with animal and bird life. Guests can enjoy more than game viewing, however, as the camp is a base for unique research on elephant behaviour and a regular centre for wildlife film-makers. It is named after Seba, a young bull elephant who was part of Randall Moore's pioneering elephant back safaris out of Abu Camp, a few kilometres away. Seba was released back into the wild where he joined up with other trained elephants released back into the wild by Moore. The herd has chosen to remain in the vicinity of the camps. The interaction between the released elephants and the wild herds that traverse the area is providing a rich field for research teams from Bristol University in the United Kingdom. Guests at Seba are invited to observe firsthand the researchers at work, often in close proximity to the elephant herds. Seba Camp itself has five well-appointed and spacious elevated tents, designed specifically to blend in with the Okavango landscape. Each has its own en-suite bathroom and a private deck on which to relax and observe the passing wildlife in and around the perennial lagoon. The dining and bar areas are also set on a raised deck with spectacular views. Trained guides are ready to advise on all aspects of the Okavango ecosystems in this, one of Africa's last remaining true wilderness areas. Apart from the large elephant population, there is a seasonal abundance of game in the area including giraffe, zebra, impala, wildebeest, tsessebe and lechwe. A pride of lion frequents the greater area and their thrilling calls can sometimes be heard in the evenings. Large herds of buffalo are occasional visitors, too. For bird enthusiasts, some 380 different species are found in the region. During winter, thanks to the high water levels, Seba is transformed into a water camp, with water-based activities taking precedence, such as mokoro and motorboat excursions and fishing, as well as walks and the usual game drives.
Seba Camp Directions
5 Star Star Graded