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Fort Sesfontein Lodge

Namibia, Northern Area, Central - Northern Region , Outjo,
Guest House Accommodation in Outjo
Price Per Person Per Night from R650 to R1855
* Prices subject to change without prior notice.

Fort Sesfontein Lodge Description
The lodge Fort Sesfontein – located in a wilderness area far from civilization – offers all modern facilities which guests may expect today. You will enjoy luxury with historical background. The central court of the lodge is planted with palm trees and has a generous pool. The former officer’s mess has been refurbished as a restaurant with integrated lodge and bar. In 1896 the government of what was then German South-West Africa built Fort Sesfontein (six fountains) as a checkpoint for keeping in check cattle disease, illegal hunting and arms smuggling.The Fort was abandoned in 1914 and only ruins and a small army cemetery still stood witness to the former presence of troops in Sesfontein. Today, more than 100 years after the original establishment of the Sesfontein station, the Fort has acquired a second lease of life after being tastefully restored as a comfortable lodge for tourists on individual holidays. The use of building materials characteristic for the region such as clay walls, stone floors and wooden lining convey a very special and original atmosphere. You can expect today’s modern facilities, i. e. the standard of the bathrooms, the supply of warm water from solar cells, mosquito nets for the four-poster beds and the ceiling fan. The Fort offers comfortable double bedrooms and family units, all including bathroom/WC, for up to 44 persons. 25 local staff members are employed and do their best to make your stay as pleasant as possible. The place offers a pleasant atmosphere with hot dry days and cool nights. After the adventures of the day and the culinary delights of the evening, you will enjoy a relaxing night below the Southern Cross and a fascinating star-studded sky. Fort Sesfontein is an oasis in the Namibian wilderness.
Fort Sesfontein, as your vacation component by your Namibia journey, offers several highlights: * The arrival to Kamanjab or Khorixias through Damaraland is already an adventure and you will receive a first impression of a natural Africa prior to farming. You will enjoy the free view, the wideness and discover widespreaded colonies of the Damara and Hereros as well as African wild animals in the wild. * The Lodge inside Fort Sesfontein which has been reestablished authentically even to details from the ruines of a historical Fort built in 1896. It a monument providing safety and coziness and naturally fulfils the demand for modern facilities according to today’s standards. Descendants of the natives of the Damaras, Hereros and Himbas are your hosts. They create a friendly and amiable atmosphere and allow a view into their culture by performing songs of their tribes. With your presence you contribute to the preservation and development of this region. * The Safari program with guided day trips into Kaokoveld gives you access to one of the most untouched areas in Africa, and this in Namibia. * Unique nature and landscapes * The African fauna with desert elephants in the Hoanib * The tribe of the Himbas in Kaokoveld * Rock carvings, aging approx. 1000 years, as an evidence of African history. All this is being offered in an individual atmosphere at reasonable prices.
Fort Sesfontein Lodge Directions
Sesfontein is situated in the north western part of Namibia, close to the Hoanib river, in the southern part of Kaokoveld. A gap in the mountains gives access to the valley basin of Sesfontein (six fountains) where green gardens give the landscape its special character. The distance from Windhoek is approx. 600 km. The destination can be reached by car from Kamanjab (233 km) via the C40/43 or from Khorixias (275 km) in approx. 3.5 hours. The gravel roads are in good condition and can be used also by car and mini-bus. Between November and March we recommend a 4x4 vehicle. For Fly-in Safaris Sesfontein can be reached by direct flight with a sports aircraft. The Sesfontein panding strip is approx. 1,700 m long. The flight data are as follows: Elevation: 2200 ft; S 19° 06,1’; E013° 38,9’ (Please check conditions before landing.)