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Aloe Beach Self Catering Accommodation
This 3 and a half bedroom property is perched right on the shore line of the warm Indian Ocean. Being right on the beach offers occupants something extraordinary. Imagine looking out of your window onto the sea and watching Dolphin swim.

Imagine the sight of whales up close to the shore and all sorts of marine life and activities literally on your doorstep. Just take ten strides and you have walked onto the natural unspoiled semi private Beach. Imagine a romantic walk with your partner along the sun kissed sands.

How about a morning jog or soothing sundowner? However you enjoy yourself, you will find no place more relaxing. Let the gentle sound of the waves allow you to have the most amazing sleep. And wake to the sunrise over the Ocean. Mother nature has set this aside just for you to enjoy.
Accommodation Type: Self Catering
Rate Per Person: R900 - R1600

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Self catering

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