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Accommodation in Breede River Valley

Welcome to the Breede River Valley, the valley for all seasons! A valley so beautiful, so unique, that it boasts no less than 10 exquisite scenic entrances. Inside the valley there are many beautiful and exciting places and activities on offer. This valley has a very popular wine route as well as offering a just as popular fruit route. Both these routes are very scenic with the beautiful valley showing you exactly what it has to offer you. The valley is very fertile so the wines and fruit that are produced in this region are of a particularly high standard ensuring a top class experience. Situated in the Cedarburg mountains in the valley there is The Kagga Kamma or ‘Place of the Bushmen’ were one will find the last remaining bushman , who will share their age old skills and traditions with you. For the adventure junkies there are 4x4 routes, waterskiing, horse riding, hiking, mountain biking and many more activities on offer. The Kleinplasie living open air museum is open all year round and hums with activity. One can experience various activities from tobacco twisting to jam cooking. A definite must to see if one wants to experience the culture in the area.

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