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Accommodation in West Coast

The West Coast is a beautiful region that boasts multiple attractions. These include vast sweeping beaches to unique flora and fauna in the beautiful cederberg and winterhoek wilderness areas. The West Coast also falls under the Cape Floral Kingdom and is one of six Floral Kingdoms in the world. When the flowers are in bloom it is a truly amazing sight a definite must to see. With this region having a unique combination of sea and mountain areas there are a lot of interesting activities that one can enjoy. The line fishing in the Atlantic Ocean is a very exhilarating experience and fishermen flock to the region. Another attractive activity includes hiking trails in the beautiful wilderness areas. Furthermore, surfing is immensely popular along this coast and is a big appeal to the region. There are a host of other activities in this region that cater for everybody's need. The diverse culture that one finds in the region ranges from the original Khoi inhabitants to the European missionaries who established stations throughout the region. Due to this there are numerous beautiful rock paintings done from the Khoi inhabitants that one can find in caves and rocky overhangs. The European stations have been restored and are a beautiful sight, a must see for any visitor.

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