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Accommodation in Eastern Highlands, Zimbabwe

Eastern highlands accommodation in Zimbabwe...
Reminiscent more of the Scottish Highlands and the English moors than tropical Africa, the Eastern Highlands make up the longest mountain range in the country. The Nyanga, Bvumba and Chimanimani mountains trail down the eastern spine for three hundred kilometres, separating the Zimbabwean highlands from the Mozambican flood plain. Like the hill stations of India the mountains provide respite from the summer sizzle down below. The altitude means the difference between ferns and fever, heather and heat.

The pine forests and mountain lakes of Nyanga National Park lend themselves to more gentle pursuits than the big game tracking of the lowveld or the Zambezi. Here, the attractions are not of the four-legged variety. Trout-fishing, horse-riding, hiking and golf, is as adventurous as it gets although rafting trips are available on the Pungwe River during the summer rainy season.

Winter is somewhat more assertive here than elsewhere in the country and from May to the end of August, log fires and mulled wine become the order of the day. For those who, regardless of the season, prefer to find their entertainment indoors, there is a casino at the luxurious Montclair Hotel.

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