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Accommodation in Great Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe

The ruined city of Great Zimbabwe, near Masvingo
The ruined city of Great Zimbabwe, near Masvingo, is the largest and most significant ancient monument south of the Sahara. The towering "stone houses" (dzimba dzembabwe) are the remains of a city of 20 000 shona- speaking people which prospered between the 12th and 15th centuries. The grand concept is an eloquent testament to the advanced culture of its African builders.

A beautiful stylised soapstone fish eagle now the national emblem, was found in the ruins. The sculpture has pride of place in the site museum. The whole complex extends across 270 hectares and a whole day visit is strongly recommended.

On top of the hill, a dry stone citadel set among giant boulders overlooks the valley. It is a breathtaking view. Down below is an enclosure 250m in diameter with double walls up to 100m high, a great conical tower, smaller towers and many lesser enclosures linked to sunken passageways and walls. Everything has been constructed entirely without mortar a million stones, each one balancing on each other.

Nearby Lake Mutirikwi is a popular water sports resort, with excursions to bird Rich Island and pony trekking in the game reserve on the north shore. Visit nearby traditional villages where the true Zimbabwean hospitality awaits you. This is an experience you should never miss.
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