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Kalkfontein Guest Farm

Namibia, Northern Area, Central - Northern Region , Grootfontein,
Bed and Breakfast Accommodation in Grootfontein
* Prices subject to change without prior notice.

Kalkfontein Guest Farm Description
Patrick and Marina Ford, Managers and Co-owners of this unique enterprise in the Southern Richtersveld , established this retreat some 5 years ago and have now branched into eco tourism, offering rustic accommodation at the farm and campsites in the surrounding area. Kalkfontein has been farmed by the Groenewald family for many years and offers tourists and visitors alike a very special insight into how a Richtersveld farm operates. Tourists and visitors have the opportunity to join the family herding their sheep and goats as well as join them in their day to day activities on the farm. Kalkfontein offers wooden Rondavels, dormitory type accommodation for groups, a medium sized hall, braai (barbeque) facilities and ablution facilities. Various camp sites are available either at the farm or in the surrounding area, guaranteeing privacy. As a SMME we, the Ford and Groenewald families at Kalkfontein will strive to the utmost lengths to make your stay a memorable one.
In addition to this Kalkfontein has a rare visitor during December to February each year, when two visiting pairs of Black Harriers breed in the salt marshes near the homestead. Many other birds visit the area during the wet season (May to September) and Patrick, being an avid birder, will take visitors out for bird spotting in the surrounding countryside. Many of Namaqualand 's unique succulent bulb species of plants can be found in the surrounding hills and mountains and Patrick is available to take visitors on walks or hikes through the veld to identify the wide variety of plants to be found. Walks, hikes, 4x4 trails, horse rides and donkey cart rides can be arranged as well. A local field guide is available. For those who are looking for a tranquil environment far from the maddening crowds, Kalkfontein will help heal your stressed mind and bring calmness to your soul. Small groups can be accommodated for conferencing, religious or healing gatherings and/or for team building, using Kalkfontein's unique setting in the Richtersveld that will make it a memorable stay for all.
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