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All venues are listed for free on
Each venues listing on is listed with:

  • 7 photos
  • Descriptive Copy
  • All services and facilities
  • Rates
  • Star grading if applicable

Each venues has control over their own listing with an admin page with, this page includes control over the following below:

  1. Update all of your details of your venue including all copy and photos.
  2. Update all of your personal information, contact details etc.
  3. There is also the enquiry system where you can see the enquiries that you have received from
  4. The new enquiry system lets you contact the client directly and you are able to quote, answer all queries and questions 
  5. The status of all the enquiries are shown to you 
  6. When quoting in the system, please ensure that the quoted amount includes our minimum of 15% commission
  7. If a client makes a booking we send off an invoice to the client , confirm that the booking is confirmed with you 
  8. Once the clients pays us we forward on the amount to you, excluding our 15% commission and also all of the clients details, as well as giving the client all of your details 
  9. The system has been designed so that it is easy to use for the venue and that the venue can also deal directly with the client 
  10. Please Note that in this enquiry system you are not permitted to list any of your contact details , including telephone , cell number , fax and email address conditions;

When using the enquiry system the venue shall not put in any contact details , including telephone numbers , fax numbers and email addresses into the quote. Once a booking is confirmed we will forward all of the clients details through to the venue.  Venues that try and add in their contact details will be contacted and warned, they will be asked that if the client books that they grant the commission due to 

All bookings facilitated by carries a minimum of 15% commission.  This is dependant on the commission agreement between and the venue.

If there are any queries or questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on:

Tel: +27 (0)21 683 6444
Fax : +27 (0)21 683 9219
Email :