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Kalamu Tented Camp

Zambia, Luangwa Valley, South Luangwa,
Safari Lodge Accommodation in South Luangwa
Price Per Person Per Night from $500 to $650
* Prices subject to change without prior notice.

Kalamu Tented Camp Description
Situated in the Luamfwa Concession in the southern sector of the South Luangwa National Park, Kalamu Bush Camp takes its name from the adjacent Chankalamu River, a seasonal tributary of the Luangwa. It faces west, overlooking a well-used crossing point on the Luangwa River and the distant Muchinga escarpment provides a wonderful vista from camp. The deeper pools of the river and a nearby seasonal lagoon hold large vocal pods of hippo and silent crocodiles. These waters attract elephant, buffalo, puku, impala, yellow baboon and other species in increasing numbers as the season progresses and other water sources dry up. This typical tented 'bush camp' consists of five Meru-style en-suite tents, each one with a different outlook on the Luangwa River. The central areas of the camp - the plunge pool and deck and shaded bar and dining area - maximise the sweeping river views. A deck built into a fallen fig tree provides an unusual lookout point, with the river flowing past on either side - almost the middle of the river! The camp's understated luxury interiors fit well with the heating and light provided by the sun; our design philosophy has as its aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible, something Kalamu succeeds in admirably. Activities at Kalamu Bush Camp focus on the Luangwa River with both game drives and walks exploring its banks, fringing woodland and open scrub. The famed 'walking safari' in fact first took place in this Park.
Kalamu Tented Camp Directions
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