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Kasaka River Lodge

Zambia, Zambezi Valley (Zambia),
Safari Lodge Accommodation in Zambezi Valley (Zambia)
Price Per Person Per Night from $395 to $495
Price Per Unit Per Night from $1500 to $2200
* Prices subject to change without prior notice.

Kasaka River Lodge Description
The philosophy of combining a tranquil, off the beaten track destination for guests with support of the local environment, culture and natural resources is our dream. With the exception of our management team, all the staff at the Lodge are locally employed. Much of the produce used for the preparation of Lodge meals is purchased from small scale garden farmers in the nearby game management area. Game viewing varies from season to season and your daily package at the Lodge includes two formal safari activities ? including morning and evening game drives in open 4x4 vehicles, game walks, canoeing, fishing and sundowners on the mighty Zambezi River.
The Lower Zambezi National Park is situated about 20 minutes drive from Kasaka. The beauty of this park is that is it relatively untouched and offers a range of different habitats. The Zambezi, overhung with a thick riverine fringe, grassy floodplains inland fringed with mopane forests full of winterthorn trees and the escarpment hills, provide a dramatic backdrop to your safari experience. The National Park is home to herds of Elephant and Buffalo and offers frequent sightings of Lion and Leopard. Impala, Waterbuck and Kudu are common sightings as are Zebra, Warthog, Monkeys, Baboons and Hyena. The thrill of safari really comes to light when the sunsets and the vehicle's spotlight is used to track the animals. Civet's, Porcupines, Genets and Honeybadgers are a few of the nocturnal animals you are likely to encounter. What will you see? What will you see? View/Download Kasaka Mammal and Bird List Game Drives Image Gallery View Game Drive Imagery Kasaka offers its guests early morning and late afternoon drives when the bush is cooler and the game is more active. Our new open top Land Rovers provide guests with maximum comfort when on their drives which last between two to four hours depending on the requirements of the guests and the animal activity! Evening drives will normally drive for about an hour and a half before stopping for sundowners at one of the guides' favourite spots! Your experienced local guides have a huge range of knowledge of the local flora and fauna and animals and they are happy to answer any questions guests may have.