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Makalolo Plains Camp

Zimbabwe, Hwange,
Safari Lodge Accommodation in Hwange
Price Per Person Per Night from $382 to $382
* Prices subject to change without prior notice.

Makalolo Plains Camp Description
Makalolo Plains, situated in a remote and private concession within the vast Hwange National Park, is one of the few camps built within the Park. Hwange is legendary for its wonderful array of wildlife, particularly the massive herds of elephant and buffalo, and summer sees the large antelope herds migrate onto the plains, closely followed by large predators. The camp is built on raised teak decks and boardwalks, providing panoramic unique views over the Somavundla Pan with its excellent concentrations of wildlife. Accommodation consists of ten large, comfortable tented rooms with en-suite facilities as well as an outdoor shower for those who enjoy showering under the stars. The lighting in the rooms is battery-powered so there is peace and quiet in camp, allowing one to listen to the sounds of the bushveld instead. The main area has a lounge, pub, plunge pool and dining area where delicious meals are served. While the emphasis is on game drives, night drives and guided walks, well-situated hides or raised viewing platforms provide the ideal manner to while away the lazy midday hours, watching wildlife come down to the waterholes to drink.
There are a number of shallow pans spread throughout the Park, around which wildlife congregates, making for excellent and reliable game viewing. During summer plains game migrate onto the plains, closely followed by their predators. Elephant, Cape buffalo, sable, roan, southern giraffe, blue wildebeest, impala and sometimes even gemsbok (oryx) can be seen here. This Park is one of the best for predators - lion, leopard, wild dog and cheetah are regularly sighted, along with the smaller African wildcat, serval, honey badger, civet and spotted hyaena. Bird life in the area is prolific, with more than 400 species found, and varied as species frequent teak woodlands as well as those more typical of the drier Kalahari being present.
5 Star Star Graded Photo courtesy of Dana Allen Photo courtesy of Dana Allen Photo courtesy of Dana Allen Photo courtesy of Wilderness Safaris Photo courtesy of Wilderness Safaris Photo courtesy of Wilderness Safaris Photo courtesy of Wilderness Safaris