5 Travel Rules

If you are looking to take a break and really want to unplug and detach from your daily life,  there are 5  travel rules you need to abide by to get the most of your experience.

1. Travel with someone you love

There is no point in sharing a special moment with someone that does not add value to your life, or at least someone that doesn’t’ share your passion or have the same dreams as you. If you do, you will regret this time wasted. activities_ travel_ blog_ venues4africa

2. Collect moments not things

Things wear out, they get lost, they lose importance and value with time, at some point you will even forget you ever collected something. But moments will always stay attached to your mind and the memories are unforgettable. Take loads of pictures, loads of selfies, capture every moment.

3. Indulge

Be adventurous and try something you’ve never done before. Try skydiving, bungee jumping, shark cage diving, whatever it is you choose to do, be sure it gets your blood rushing. Eat a lot and drink a lot- otherwise there no point of travelling in the first place. And don’t hesitate to try the weird food too!things to do_travel-blog_venues4africa

4. Don’t regret anything

If you spend too much money and go over your budget – don’t regret it, because it’s money well-spent. Remember travelling is not about money, it’s about courage. Do and see everything you possibly can and make sure you do not regret not having done something – that will just be a total waste of time and energy.

5. Share the experience

Be sure to always have your smartphone or tablet with you. Take pictures of the food, the drinks, the places that you get to see and post them on social media. Check in at every place you visit – believe it or not, people want to see those pictures and want to know where you’ve been. things to do_ travel_ selfies_ venues4africa

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Mozambique Travel: Snap-worthy Spots

Mozambique is one good looking country. With such a diverse history, landscape and culture, Mozambique travel is a gold-mine of photo-taking opportunities. If you consider yourself a whiz behind the lens or merely dabble in the odd Instagram, here are a few spots that are really worth visiting.


Image Credit: Rosino

Image Credit: José Carlos Babo

Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Baluarte:

Image Credit: Stig Nygaard


Image Credit: kaysha

Image Credit: Stig Nygaard

Image Credit: M Fira

S. Sebastião fortress:

Image Credit: F Mira


Image Credit: F Mira


Image Credit: Stig Nygaard


Image Credit: Stig Nygaard

We told you so. Mozambique travel is definitely something to write home about. Don’t waste any more time and visit Venues4Africa today to book the best Mozambique accommodation around.

Image Credit:
Stig Nygaard
F Mira
José Carlos Babo

The Heavy Weights of Mozambique Marine Life

What better way to spend your time than with the sun on your back, surrounded by weird and wonderful Mozambican marine life? With crystal clear waters filled with over 6000 species of fish, the sugar-white sand beaches of Mozambique are considered some of the finest diving and snorkeling destinations in the world. Read on to learn a little bit more about the protected mega-fauna you should be on the lookout for on your next trip to Mozambique.

Mozambique Marine Life

Whale Shark
This magnificent sea creature is the largest living fish in the worlds, spanning an impressive 14 meters in length. These endangered beauties have characteristic wide, flat heads and have a peaceful nature; eating only small schooling fish, plants and algae. You can tell these gentle giants apart by their thin vertical stripes, columns of white spots, and extremely large, horizontal mouths.

Mozambique Marine Life

Manta Ray
Another deep sea heavy weight with a soft heart, the mysterious Manta Ray is not far behind the Whale Shark in size- reaching more than 7.6 meters in width, and weighing about 2300 kg. Directly related to the Sting Ray, they have an intimidating presence but don’t panic- Manta Rays don’t have a stinging barb like their fiercer cousins. The anatomy of this exquisite specimen make them fast and naturally acrobatic- keep an eye out to see them launch right out of the water.

Mozambique Marine Life

Mozambique beaches are largely unspoiled and unexplored, which makes them an ideal environment for nesting turtles. These docile creatures lay their eggs in the soft sand, and the hatching babies are a rare and moving sight. There are five species of threatened marine turtles that nest along the Mozambican coast, and protection efforts have been in place for over 40 years to preserve these docile creatures.

Mozambique Marine Life

A sighting of this strange and elusive mermaid-like sea creature is rare. This is partly due to the fact that the dugong is characteristically shy, but also because they are endangered. When spotted, they are seldom seen travelling alone, preferring to move in pairs or in large groups. The dugong is one of two marine animals that are known to be vegetarian, and they can be found munching on sea-grass. They can hold their breath for more than 5 minutes and stay safe from predators by keeping to shallower waters.

Mozambique Marine Life

Southern Right and Humpback Whales
While exploring the spectacular coral reefs, look out for the Southern Right and Humpback whales. Between June and December, these giants of the deep and their calves can be spotted from the shores, while diving and boating in the waters of Mozambique. Despite their size, Humpback Whales are especially acrobatic, often seen leaping high out of the water, breaching the surface, tail slapping and spy hopping. A chance to see these majestic creatures up close is definitely something for your bucket-list, and definitely Mozambique marine life at its best.

Mozambique Marine Life

Start planning your beach side getaway now so you can experience these gentle giants first hand, and since finding accommodation in Mozambique is a breeze with Venues4Africa, you’ve got no excuse.

Snorkelling Holidays in Mozambique

After a long year of hard work and stress, spending a few days on the warm, sunny beaches of Mozambique exploring the abundant sea life sounds like the perfect remedy.

Image Credit - Hannah JaneThere are many top snorkelling spots in Mozambique to choose from, in terms of accommodation, to ensure that your snorkelling trip suits your lifestyle and your budget. Here are a few tips to turn your snorkelling holiday into your best adventure yet.

Best locations for snorkelling in Mozambique:

The most well-known area in Mozambique, Ponta D’Oura, boasts expansive reefs and diverse marine life including reef sharks and sea bass.

Image Credit - Stig NygaardMatemo Island, part of the Quirimbas Islands in northern Mozambique, is also a popular snorkelling destination. In Matemo you’ll find sea turtles, breath-taking coral reefs, and you may even spot some whales during migration season, which happens from July to December annually. Dubbed “The Caribbean of Africa,” located only a 20-minute flight away from mainland Pemba, Matemo is unlikely to disappoint.

Most resorts in the country can arrange your snorkelling adventures for you, so be sure to enquire when booking your Mozambique accommodation.

What to Pack:

•    Mask, snorkel and fins but most resorts do rent them out to guests
•    Rash vest to prevent sunburn
•    Reef shoes to prevent slipping/cutting feet
•    Factor 50 sunblock
•    Antiseptic cream in the unfortunate case that you cut yourself on the reef
•    An underwater camera to capture your encounters with rays, angel fish, bass, sea turtles, clownfish (hello Nemo!) and if you’re lucky perhaps even a reef shark.

Image Credit - F MiraIsland tours

One of the most highly rated tour operators in the area is Ilha Blue. A magical 3 hour trip in kayaking around the Ilha area will give you a taste for the local culture and picturesque local sights, which includes some fascinating old ruins. When you hop off at your snorkelling site in Ilha Gardens, you will find coral reefs, starfish and a kaleidoscope of colour as the tropical fish swim around you.

Another popular tour operator is Diversity Scuba in the Tofo area, who offer 2 hour trips they refer to as ‘ocean safari’s.’ They provide you with all your gear and also give you a quick rundown on some do’s and don’ts to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. They promise whaleshark sightings, and between June and October, humpback whales. The tour is open to all ages, so even the kids can join in on the fun.

Image Credit - Tee La RosaMozambique is the perfect place for your next snorkelling holiday, book yours with Venues4Africa today!