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Here are a few phrases that one can use that are specific to each country. If there are any other phrases that you feel should be included please contact us, thanks!

Mozambique:English to Portuguese

Where is a bank? Onde está um banco?

Where is a restaurant? Onde está um restaurante?

Where is a bar? Onde está uma barra?

Is there are shopping center nearby? Há está um centro de shopping próximo?

How do i get to a beach? Como eu começo a uma praia ?

Where can i find accommodation? Onde posso eu encontrar a acomodação?

Where is there a market? Onde há um mercado?

Where can i get fresh fish? Onde posso eu começar peixes frescos?

Where can i go fishing? Onde posso eu ir pescar?

Where is there a pool? Onde há um pool?


Namibia : English to German

Where can i find a bank? Wo kann ich eine Bank finden?

Is there a restaurant nearby? Gibt es eine Gaststätte in der Nähe?

Where is the nearest bar? Wo ist der nächste Stab?

Is there a shopping centre nearby? Gibt es ein Einkaufszentrum in der Nähe?

Where is the nearest accommodation? Wo ist die nächste Anpassung?

Where can i go fishing? Wo kann ich zu fischen gehen?

Where is there a market? Wo gibt es ein Markt?

Where can i go game viewing? Wo kann ich gehen Spielbetrachtung?


South Africa: Catch Phrases or Words in English

Braai - meat cooked over a fire very common in South Africa

Biltong - dried raw meat

Koeksister - a South African syrup coated doughnut

Springbok - the South African National Buck

Potjiekos - a roast or stew that is cooked in a pot over a fire , very traditional way of cooking

Boerewors - a sausage that is a very traditional Afrikaans legacy

Foofie Slid - a pulley swing that runs from one side to another

Jolling - party , fun time

Lekker - nice, good

Muti - Medicine

Rusks - a hard biscuit that is usually dipped in tea or coffee before drinking

Sangoma - a local witchdoctor

Shebeen - a township bar

Slap Chips - french fries that are made South African

Swaziland: Siswati to English

Sanibonani! - Good day!

Yebo! - Yes good day!

Ninjani? - How are you?

Sikhona, ninjani nine? - We are well how are you?

Natsi sikhona! - We also are well

likuphi lihovisi leti vakashi? - Where is the tourist office?

Siyabonga - We thank you

Ngiyabonga - I thank you

Salakahle - Stay well

Hambakahle - Go well

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