Travel safety
Being prepared is the key to ensuring that you make the most of your African experience. Below each country is a list of the essential safety tips any traveller should be aware of. Should you have any further questions please contact [email protected].

Before traveling to Botswana one must find out exactly what is required to enter in to the country as there may be visa requirements. The travel agent will be able to help answer any questions that one has in this regard. The agent will also be able to provide some information on the area that is being visited as to what the traveler needs to take with them. This is very important as some facilities are not readily available in certain areas and travellers must take note and take with them what they require. Medicines and credit card facilities must be checked up on before departure so that one is prepared. The venue being visited will also be able to provide you with all the information that one needs.

Travelers must be reminded that they must always be prepared; valuables must be kept in a safe place or on ones person at all times. Caution must be taken when traveling as theft is quite common especially if one is unaware. Foreign currency is easily changed at banks and bureau de changes that are found in most towns and cities.

Mozambique is a beautiful but undeveloped country that has in the last few years seen a huge increase in the amount of tourists to this country. Before departure to this country one must find out the visa requirements a travel agent will be able to answer most of your questions. Travelers must keep all valuables in a safe place at all times. The country is very poor so theft might be come a problem. If a traveller has any other queries or questions they should contact the venue in advance, who will gladly help you with what ever you require. It is important that travelers come prepared to this country as although most amenities are offered there are a few that travelers might have to bring in to the country with them.

Most venues accept credit cards but must be confirmed before arriving at the venue. The infrastructure between most areas are in a decent state , but if a lot of traveling is planned one must find out exactly what conditions are like before planning it. The most accurate information can be gathered by contacting venues with your queries.

Travelling to Namibia is a pleasure. Before departure one must have all the relevant documentation to enter the country. Venues must be contacted before arrival to find out exactly what one has to bring with them to the area. Depending on where one is venturing most amenities are available in the cities and towns. Foreign currency is easily changes at banks and bureau de changes that are found in major towns and cities. Travellers must find out if credit card facilities are available at the venues being visited. Most credit cards are accepted in the major town’s ands cities. Travellers must also look after their valuable and they must be kept in a safe place.

The South African Government is actively geared towards promoting a sustainable tourism industry. Travelers are to fill the visa requirements before entering the country, travel agents will be able to advise you as to what the requirements are. South Africa is one of the biggest economies in Africa , and most amenities are available to the traveler. However venues must be consulted before arrival as to what is available in that area. Infrastructure in this country is of a high standard and most areas are easily accessible.

Foreign currency is easily changed at banks and bureau de changes that are found in all towns and cities. Travellers must at all times take care of valuables and must be kept in a safe place. In some area malaria is a threat, venues must be contacted to confirm and found out what medicine to take.

Travel agents will be able to tell you exactly what visa requirements there are to enter in to the country. Venues that are to be visited should be contacted in advance to find out what travelers need to bring with them. Malaria is also very prominent in that area and precautions should be taken. Infra structure is maintained in urban areas but is patchy outside of them.

Foreign currency is easily changed in banks in towns and cities, with some venues accepting foreign currency. Credit cards are accepted in most urban areas and some venues, one should however find out in advance as to where this is possible.

Zimbabwe has recently had a lot of media attention publishing all the economic and political problems that the country is going through. This country is still very safe and travelers are still encouraged to visit the region. The main tourist centers of the country are still geared towards tourism and are safe for tourists.

All major currencies are accepted by most venues in Zimbabwe that are visited, some of them accept foreign credit cards but it is advised to confirm acceptance of such with the venue before arrival. Please note that only VISA credit cards are acceptable in Zimbabwe. Commercial banks determine rates of exchange and those prevailing are published regularly in most local newspapers. The Reserve bank of Zimbabwe have set up Foreign Exchange Purchasing Centres throughout the country and will offer the best official rate however, most tourist resorts will accept payment in hard currency. There is a thriving "parallel" (black) market rate, which may be very tempting; you are advised to exercise extreme caution when dealing with the same. Policing of the parallel market has increased dramatically and dealing in it is illegal.

The infra structure in the country is generally still good and most areas are accessible by road , venues must be contacted in advance to confirm all of these queries as they will be able to provide travelers with exactly what they need.

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