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Accommodation in Nyanga

Nyanga accommodation and nyanga cottages...
Eastern Highands in Zimbabwe is home to Nyanga which lies at the north end of a long mountain chain. Its plateau is at an altitude of 2 133 metres, rising to 2 592 metres at the summit of Mount Nyangani where the unwary are said to become invisible and disappear forever on its mist-shrouded slopes. As one approaches Nyanga, the mountain range appears gradually, rippling away in cerulean waves to lap at an equally blue horizon. Then the forests and myriad streams appear--but in early winter, the roads are incandescent with yellow wattle, a line of golden sunbursts against the sombre backdrop of pines.

Nyanga offers everything from homely guest houses to gracious hotels of international repute with every comfort, including roaring log fires and traditional teas to the castanet song of the roulette wheel. The serious Nyanga devotee, though, will want to spend most hours roaming the enchanting Nyanga National Park and the surrounding areas.

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