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Accommodation in Central Kalahari, Botswana

Tented camps in the Kalahari are not to be missed...
The word Kalahari is an Anglicised corruption of the Setswana name Kgalagadi meaning , ‘thirst land’. In this thirst land safari lodges are the dominat type of accommodation that a visitor will find. This region as its name suggests is a huge semi-desert region in southern Africa stretching from South Africa through Namibia into Angola and takes up most of central and western regions of Botswana. This makes it one of the largest areas of semi-desert in the world. One will find that this place is a great wilderness where they will find isolation and peace under seemingly endless African skies. The Kalahari is famous for its magnificent black maned lions and for the barking geckos of which travelers will enjoy thoroughly. In the rainy season the saltpans flood. This immediately attracts thousands of pelicans and flamingos to the pans, which creates wonderful pictures of these birds in their magnitudes.

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