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Accommodation in Southern Region, Namibia

Wide open spaces and sprawling sand dunes...
Bounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Namib Desert in the west and orange dunes of the Kalahari in the east, Southern Namibia is a land of wide open spaces and solitude. It offers a diversity of unique attractions ranging from historical buildings and ghost towns to fossils and quiver tree forests. The region is a new tourist destination and there are a host of up coming hotels and lodges that show the guest exactly what the south has to offer. The main attraction of the southern region is the Sossusvlei, a clay pan formed when the shifting dunes of the Namib smothered the course of the Tsauchab River. Surrounded by majestic star-shaped dunes with curvaceous lines, the pan and the surrounding dunes are especially breathtaking in the early hours.

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